The International Festival of Literature and Art with Galician Irony - Retranca (with pun) -, or Retranca Festival, is a cultural proposal that underlines the connexion between the retrancawith all the arts, and therefore by extension with life itself. The Retranca, described by Forges as “One way to lexical defence in complicated situations. It’s exactly Humour”, will be our unifying thread through literature, painting, drawing, sculpture, music, poetry, cinematography, theatre, dance, digital art, architecture and cuisine arts.

The RetrancaFestival is originated with the objective of celebrating that our existence is enriched whilst creating, thinking and living with retranca. In the Festival there will be time for reflection and for joy, but also for irony and sarcasm, for wit and tinkle. During the Festival, we will enjoy, or not, twisted chats, perplexing monologues, agreements and disagreements with writers, concerts and disconcerts, film releases, unprecedented shows, plays, exhibitions and impositions, satirical cuisine, and, almost probable, some sudden death anniversary.

The irreverent boldness of the participants will make of this first Retranca Festival, an event of prestige and attractive for all the assistants, that will aspire to become international reference of good humour as an expression of intelligence, civilisation, and the joy of living. With a daring gaze that will pierce all genres, all arts and even some bodies, the Festival da Retrancayearns for analysing, spreading and celebrating the existence of that gaze.